After a year of intensive preparation we are now able to proudly present you our new collection of erotic toys and body care products.

We have put a lot of care into the functionality and quality of the products in our new collection.

Our new line is exceedingly comprehensive and diverse, with more than 550 various new products offering you abundant possibilities within the erotic market.

A great deal of care and attention has also been given to packaging: our packages are of the highest quality and have been designed to be as inoffensive as possible. A modern and discrete presentation.

Given the concerns recently seen in the market and which are playing an increasingly important role for consumers as well, we have exclusively chosen materials, which are free of all plasticizing agents for all articles sold under the Playhouse brand name. This is clearly indicated on the package with a prominent “silicone” sticker. For the consumer’s information, a leaflet has been included with every product manufactured with this material.

In closing: you can rest assured that in this new market segment as well, Playhouse will uphold its achievements in the field of service and customer-friendliness.

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